Setting up shop/Loose Power/Lights Out

Hello, Internet!

I am here because I’d like to add to the massive amount of information you have with my own insights.

I am going to talk about two topics that are probably not discussed in tandem very often, make-up and horror. Horror movies and make-up that goes on the face. This is where my happy place is located, on the corner of Snatched and Elm Street. If you like one or both of these things, you may like this blog. Or not! That’s cool.

From time to time, I’ll probably mention other stuff going on in my life, like my two precious boys who I am raising with my ex-husband, my experience with divorce, grad school, or my amazing boyfriend. Feel free to skip this stuff if you’re only here for the glam and/or the gore.

Make-up I am using and want to try (face)

This is probably an area I struggle with the most. Applying make-up specifically for the face (powder, foundation, concealer, primer, ect) is simple enough, and I am pretty confident in my color choices. But I have weird combination skin; I am normal on most of my face except the T-zone and my under eye area. The latter causes a huge problem for me as I end up looking like this by lunch time:


Since powder sets make-up, I figured a good setting powder would be the solution. I’ve tried the Sephora brand of yellow setting powder and Cover FX blotting powder and neither have helped much. I wondered if a loose setting powder would do the trick. I am currently using a loose powder with no label that I found in the back of my linen closet that’s probably a decade old. So my quest for my next trip to make-up land is to pick up some good loose powder. Laura Mercier seemed to be the holy grail powder for a lot of my favorite beauty vloggers, but it’s a bit out of my price range. My sights are set on the much more affordable RCMA No Color Powder. Hopefully it’ll fix my eyelash shadows.

Movies I’ve seen and what I am looking forward to

I watched We Are Still Here the other night and was not disappointed. It was equal parts camp and creepy and the effects were spot on. Also a great reminder of how ugly our nation’s wardrobe and home decor was in the late 70’s.

There are some really good gems coming out this summer, but I am pretty pumped about Lights Out, the feature length to the short of the same name , which is without question the best horror short I’ve ever seen. The director of the original short, David Sandberg,  also wrote the screenplay for the film and is also directing. He also has a series of shorts in the same vein on Youtube which I highly recommend; they’re all short and horrifying. Lights Out will be released on July 22nd and I will, without a doubt, be shelling out $11 to see this movie in theaters.



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