Crypticon Seattle 2016

Crypticon Pre-gaming


It’s that time of year again, friends! Horror fans in PNW gather to geek out at Crypticon. This is only my second year going; last year I went alone and had a blast, but kind of just wondered around overloaded and confused, wishing I was dressed cooler and that I had someone eat lunch with, not unlike high school. Since this was not only my first horror con but my first con period, I don’t think I consumed the full offerings of Crypticon.

Luckily I won’t be alone this year and my planning compulsion means we won’t go in dazed and unsure of where to start (plus I have an amazing Evil Dead themed T-shirt to wear, as shown in the sloppy-as-fuck photo above). If that weren’t enough, Tony Todd of Candyman fame will be there. I have no shame in admitting I have been fangirling hard since they announced he would be at the con (I think “shrill, high-pitched shriek” adequately describes it).I recently re-watched Candyman at an event called SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film & Discussion Class, where horror fans meet once a month at Scarecrow Video to watch and dissect some movies with a feminist perspective. I knew I loved this movie, but the discussion really highlighted why; there are so many complexities to the film that delve into race, class, gender, and even mental illness. It’s also scary as hell, thanks in large part to Tony Todd. When I was younger, the thing that frightened me so much about the character was how understated he seemed to be; he didn’t look like a cartoon monster, he looked like a man (minus the bloody hook, of course). But when he unleashes his power, power that comes directly from those who believe in him, power that he will do unimaginable things to sustain, onto Helen and those around her the results are beyond horrifying. Todd plays this with amazing poise and grace.

I am going to try my damndest to avoid word vomiting these thoughts when the time comes to meet Tony Todd; I’d like to keep a thin veneer of calm when I meet one of my favorite horror actors of all time. So when we take a picture with him and ask him with a shaky voice to please sign this Candyman-themed cross-stitch my boyfriend made, thank you, I will only be screaming on the inside.  


My exceptionally talented boyfriend made this cross-stitch for Tony Todd to sign. Amazing.  

Our plan of attack aside from Tony Todd hysteria is panels. This was what 99% of what I did last year and this year there looks to be some AMAZING panels. We’ve made a list of which ones we’re most excited to see (and the times they’re starting, because duh):

2:00pm – Women in Horror: Past, Present, and Future

3:00pm – Best Remakes and Sequels

3:00pm – Real Life Serial Killers

4:00pm – Gender and Transgender in Horror

5:00pm – The Unflinching Eye: An Objective Look at Morbid Curiosity 

5:00pm-Black Representation in Horror

6:00pm – Long Lost Occult Horror

6:00pm – Revenge Horror

7:00pm – Ask the Embalmer

7:00pm – Found Footage: So Over of Evolving Art Form?

8:00pm – Horror’s Top Females

9:00pm – Satanic Panic

11:00pm – TV Horror Past and Present

Midnight – True Tales of Murder

Obviously, there are some really tough choices in store for us; I love remakes and true crime equally! How can I possibly choose?! I am very pleased that a few of these panels have a queer or feminist skew to them. I can’t say for sure if they had similar panels last year but we will not be missing these! I really enjoyed the Best Remakes panel last year; as someone who loves remakes, I was very pleased that there was an offering that looked at remakes with a perspective other than “REMAKES SUCK 4EVER!!!!” Of course there were some attendees who brought that mentality into the panel, but the discussions were very balanced. This year, my boyfriend and I are also going to Prom of the Dead, an after party of sorts. I didn’t go to that last year (cause alone) so I am really excited about that. Crypticon is a three-day event, but we’re only going Saturday.  I am sure I’ll write a ridiculously long post about every detail of tomorrow so stay tuned for that!


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