Female-Led Films and the Man-Babies Who Hate Them: Ghostbusters


I was going to sit down today and talk about all the eye shadow palettes I want and why because I haven’t talked makeup for a while (or sadly bought makeup for awhile) but I made the tragically stupid mistake of reading the comments and now I have to get on my soapbox. Also, never read the comments unless you want to be crushed by the weight of humanity’s awfulness.

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that there’s a Ghostbusters re-boot coming this summer. Let me preface this post with a statement I shouldn’t have to make: I loved Ghostbusters as a child. I watched it at a wildly inappropriate age and was scared shitless by it. This movie was one of the movies that shaped my love of horror in the first place, so I think I have about as much right as anyone to talk about the massive, nonsensical, overwhelming amount of hate the re-boot has been getting since day 1. I also resent the fuck out of having to give a disclaimer of my merits as if horror is some super exclusive boys-only club that women have to prove themselves to get into but here we are.  

First I want to address why remakes and re-boots are so unpopular, because I myself have never understood the trend of hating on a movie simply because it’s based on another movie. No remake in the history of cinema has ever made it so the original no longer exists; that’s not how things work. If the remake sucks, the original is still waiting to be watched and enjoyed. If you yourself are not a fan of remakes, as a concept in and of itself, I’d love to know why in a 10000% non-snarky way because I truly don’t get it. I myself have been burned by remakes before; Black Christmas was remade into a steaming pile of garbage and I hated every minute of it. On the other side of the coin, the Evil Dead remake compliments the original movies in beautiful way that when watched together, in my humble opinion, make an incredible masterpiece. Remakes, like figuratively everything in the world, can produce good and bad.

So with all that in mind, I was depressingly un-surprised when the Ghostbusters remake received the most hateful vitriol when it was announced women would be reprising the roles of the ghost busters. It is apparently unthinkable to cast a woman in a man’s role and when we do, we should expect problems. I am not going to go into the specifics of what (mostly angry white dudes) are saying about this movie that has yet to be released and whose trailer only came out a couple of months ago because it’s already been recorded for all of human history to wallow in

I am going to call this bullshit what it is: misogyny. It’s scared, insecure men (and some women, god bless humanity) who have a very specific idea of how the world should look and that world does not include women pretending to be ghost hunting scientists because some men already did it once, like 30 years ago simply because they’re women, and women can’t do anything genuine or be heroes, or invent cool shit, or know about science. If anyone wants to dispute that the hate this remake is getting is firmly rooted in good old fashioned misogyny, then they’re clearly not paying attention or lack some very basic critical thinking skills or are probably one of the people piling on hate and have a vested interest in not acknowledging their own ingrained sexism. There’s no logical reasons against the anti-Ghostbusters sentiment if you remove misogyny from the equation, there just isn’t. If you’re a man, I understand it might be a little harder to see the sexism in this hate against Ghostbusters; it’s harder for you all to see sexism in any context because you don’t have to experience it directly. This doesn’t say anything bad about your character, that’s just the way the world is; I have to use more critical thinking to see racism because I am white passing and I don’t have to live it. But I implore you to not dismiss those in the world who see the blatant misogyny in these criticisms because it is in fact there.

The funny thing is, I don’t even have a strong opinion of the movie itself; I think I’ll enjoy it based on the fact that I am a fan of Paul Feig and have enjoyed the work of the actresses in the past and as many whiny man-babies have said in countless comment sections, Ghostbusters was my childhood. I know people will hate it regardless of the actual film and that sucks. We shouldn’t still be at a point in society where a female lead movie is deemed garbage even before it sees the light of day. In a perfect world, people wouldn’t be such egotistical assholes who believe they’re special snowflakes and every movie that comes out should meet with their approval. People who don’t think they’ll enjoy this movie will think to themselves “that’s not for me” and move on, not engaging in any talk about the movie with people who will actually get some pleasure out of it, instead of bulldozing their way into comment sections to declare their opinion that nobody asked for.

 For my part, I am going to see the fuck out of this movie, probably more than once just out of spite.


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