It Casting and Amazing Horror Novels

Happy Saturday, friends! 

I am a bit low energy today; Michael and I went to go see X-Men: Apocalypse last night and it being a two and a half hour movie, we didn’t get back to his apartment until well after midnight. So today is a low-key day spent reading a good book and making cookies with my kids. 

Speaking of books, I’ve discovered a couple of really good horror novels that I want to share. They’re both by Ania Ahlborn, and they are incredible. I first read Seed a few years back and it is by far my favorite; it’s about a family who experience strange occurrences that may be demonic. In the hands of a lesser author, it could have been a typical possession story. But Ahlborn really taps into some really creepy imagery that I thoroughly enjoyed. The twist at the end wasn’t much of a twist, but the ending itself was stellar. After I raved about this book to Michael, he read it, loved it, and discovered other books by this author, one of which I also read. Brother is a riveting story of a family of serial killers. I couldn’t put this book down. It had some flaws (the author would randomly change the ages of the characters mid-chapter) and the ending was beyond anti-climactic, but it was still really well-written and a great story overall. 


Pennywise, my hero. 

Onto remake land! Again, I have to state for the record that I am very pro-remake; I love seeing old classics made new again, re-imaginings of foreign movies in other cultures, and more horror in the world. I don’t think a remake is in any way an act of diminishing the original; just because a movie was remade does not mean that movie was lacking. I think this is especially true of remakes of foreign horror. 

So of course I am super pumped about the It adaptation from the 1990 mini-series. It is another favorite of mine, near and dear to my heart. Like Child’s Play, I saw It at a grossly inappropriate age on television (where were my parents you ask? No clue). I don’t think I saw it when it originally aired, but I saw some re-runs which means I couldn’t have been older than 5. Throughly freaked out, I did what any reasonable five year old would do and asked a relative to read the novel to me. 

Bill Skarsgard is reprising the role of Pennywise (not familiar with any of his work, but I am sure he’ll do great!) and Andy Muschietti is directing, which made me have a small stroke because Mama was amazing and slayed me with its greatness. 

Stay tuned for a release date! 


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