The Conjuring 2 and How My Tattoo Liner Held Up

Hey guys.

I was going to write this post yesterday, but after I heard about what happened in Orlando I decided to unplug a bit and spend the day with my two boys, picking strawberries and watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azcaban and feeling depressingly numb to the whole incident. I am not usually one to make grand Facebook posts after a national tragedy and this time was no different; I stayed pretty quiet on social media about it. But I do have feelings about this senseless act of violence. I am saddened that queer people were targeted for no other reason than their sexual orientation and that so many people were hurt or killed and I can’t imagine what their families are going through. I am angry at our reaction as a nation (“Regulate automatic weapons? Pssssshhhhh not when we can blame the Muslims!”). I am mostly depressingly resigned to our nation’s fate; if we gave zero fucks about the murder of first graders, we’re a lost cause. I don’t feel hopeful that anything meaningful will change. So for now, I am going to try live my life, be grateful that the people I love the most are okay, and muster up the little energy I have to do what I can with my vote and my voice.

Moving on to less depressing topics, Michael and I went to see The Conjuring 2 on Friday to kick off our horror movie marathon the next day (which went swimmingly, minus some technical difficulties with Insidious Chapter 2. Michael really liked the movies and we had a thoughtful conversation about ableism in horror spurred by High Tension). I was not disappointed. James Wan is quickly becoming one of my favorite horror directors; all of his movies have the same tense, creepy vibe with very little bells and whistles and this movie was no different.

the-conjuring-2-izle-28316 (2)

In less skilled hands, the plot would have felt beyond redundant since the family-tormented-by-an-angry-spirit trope has been done to death. The plot is pretty straight forward in this regard; a family begin experiencing terrifying episodes, with particular emphasis on one of the children. Ed and Lorena Warren come out and help the family rid themselves of the spirit haunting them.  Since Wan is truly a skilled filmmaker, he took this formula and made it scary and unsettling and even though the plot didn’t really have any surprises the visuals were incredibly creepy (the Crooked Man? Fucking terrifying). I think this should probably do it for the franchise though. Like Insidious, the first two were great, but they probably shouldn’t go beyond two if quality film making is the goal. 

I really wanted to get dressed up and feel pretty for this date night, because as I said before, Michael and I don’t get to spend huge amounts of time together and I wanted to look my best. I tried a black/navy smoky eye and used my Kat Von D Tatttoo Liner. I really like this liner; it’s super black, glides on like butter, and it truly lasts forever. Bonus, it also comes off fairly easy with some cold cream.


I didn’t do a huge wing because the shadow itself was so dramatic, so I stuck to the lash line on this day.and it gave my lashes a very full look. I am very pleased. This will definitely be my go-to liquid liner.


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