Stuff I Put on my Face: Would I Re-Purchase?


Hello friends, 

Sorry for the delay in posts; I’ve been very busy to work and finals week is upon me. But I wanted to talk about some makeup I’ve almost completely used up and how I think it performed over the course of it’s short life. 


There are two products, all face make-up, that I’ve used up. The first is Cover FX Blotting Powder in the shade Light. This powder is supposed to be for shiny people like me who want a matte finish. Being oily AF, I was all about this powder. And it does work! It instantly makes me less shiny and absorbs some of the excess oil on my face. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last; my oil is shinning bring like a diamond within a few hours. I am reluctant to blame the product as my oil is really, really fierce and I think it’s going to take multiple products to tame the beast. 

Would I re-purchase?

Yes! This stuff does make me matte for a few precious hours and it’s not too heavy. Overall a solid face powder. 


The last thing I want to talk about is Smashbox Photofinish Primer Water. This is a primer but it can also be used as a setting spray, which is what I primarily use it for. This stuff is ok as a primer but as a setting spray it make my make-up bullet proof. I’ve recently been spraying it on my cheek bones and putting a powder highlighter on my wet face to make it extra glowy. 

Would I re-purchase?

 I LURVE this stuff, really love it. However, I am wanting to branch out into the world of actual setting sprays (I got my eye on you, Urban Decay All Nighter) so I probably won’t re-purchase as a setting spray. However, I love using a primer like this that won’t make my face feel heavy or oily so I would definitely re-purchase as a primer. 

I’ve started a really questionable habit of buying more make-up before I finish the old stuff (doesn’t every make-up junkie?) so with the exception of one or two eye shadow pans, these are the only two make-up products I’ve used up completely. Since make-up isn’t non-perishable I want to try my best to not amass a giant collection that I can never make my way through. It’s wasteful and I don’t have the money to do that. So that means I probably won’t have new make-up to review for awhile (unless I try it at Sephora without purchasing but who does that NOT ME I WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING). For now expect MOTD (make-up of the day) looks and posts about what I am coveting. 


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