Color Correcting: What’s the Deal?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Summer has officially begun and luckily you’d never know it from the weather here; it’s somewhat dry but not too hot. Pretty much perfect. Let’s enjoy it before the heat comes back!

Today I was talk about a beauty trend that’s not exactly new, but one that I’ve just recently discovered: color correcting. The idea is if you use certain base colors on your skin, you can correct discoloration, like dark circles, red blotches, or those frustrating purple spots acne leaves behind. Being the lucky dog I am, I have two out of those three issues (dark circles have never really been an issue for me, thank goddess) and never really knew how to address them aside from slathering on the foundation and hoping for the best (spoiler alert: red blotches and purple spots DGAF about your hopes and dreams for perfect skin). Being pretty active in the beauty community, I’d heard about CC before but for some reason didn’t really dive in; I’d used a green CC primer before and didn’t really get any results as far as diminishing my redness, so I didn’t give it much more thought. However, I found a Wet n’ Wild CC wheel at the store the other day and it was $3 so I figured why not? 


CC wheel, where tf have you been all my life? 

This magic cream is a game changer folks. My make-up game has been elevated to another level, one without redness around my t-zone and discolored spots all over my chin and cheeks. The four colors of the wheel address redness, dark spots, and the white cream is to highlight. The purple and the yellow address the same things, but I went with the yellow since I don’t have any dramatic dark circles. I used the white color in the center of the face, as per ush. The green went right around my nose area to attack that stubborn redness. After the CC creams were applied, I went in with my regular foundation right on top of it and I finally understood the meaning of life. 


Since this was not taken in natural light, it might be hard to tell where my discoloration is but you can see where I put which creams.

This stuff is no joke, guys. It fixed my discoloration beautifully and the formula isn’t heavy or greasy at all (which was a little bit of a concern seeing as I produce enough oil to fry all the Twinkies at the Texas State Fair). Wet N’ Wild, y’all hit it out of the park again. This brand is pretty consistently awesome in the quality of products and so wallet friendly. I am very happy with this CC wheel and will be adding it to small collection of holy grail make-up.


Taken in natural light with no filter. What discoloration?


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