Midweek Round-Up: Horror


Vintage movie poster for ‘Friday the 13th’

Happy Wednesday, readers!

So I’ve decided to start doing some more structured posts, since I am the kind of person who does well flying by the seat of my pants, but I also simply don’t have the time to sit down every other day like I want to in order to plan out posts so I think this is a nice compromise. Also, as I mentioned in my last post, there are so many great stories I see in my news feed that I want to share them all! The same goes for make-up news. 

Onto the round-up! 

A super amazing video of the most influential horror films in the last hundred years. 

The complete series of ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘Tales from the Dark Side’ are being released September 6th! 

Humans have ruined a small town in PA, leaving it Silent Hill style. 

George Romero is getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame

More IT casting news. 

Five horror shorts you definitely shouldn’t watch before bed (or do. I don’t know your life). 

And finally, some super old news from May that I am just getting around to hearing about, John Carpenter is set to executive produce the Halloween remake. 

For any Seattle area horror fans, Shriek! A Women of Horror discussion class is happening July 5th at 7pm at Scarecrow Video to watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. I encourage anyone who’s in the area and can swing it to attend since Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is a masterpiece of campy, suspenseful goodness! 


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