Rants, Raves, and Movie Reviews: Now Served with FEMINISM!

Happy Friday, friends!

I for one could not be happier with the arrival of the weekend. I know I say this literally every time I say anything about my job on this blog, but it never becomes any less true; I am completely and utterly swamped. My extremely high case load came down on me like a ton of bricks, and I very distinctly remember sitting in my office making my way through a large pile of paperwork thinking “where am I supposed to get the energy to do homework after this?” (Spoiler alert: I didn’t. The homework remains undone for now). Thankfully, I have something very enjoyable things to look forward to: seeing Michael and the movie I’ve been anticipating for the better part of a year. If you all saw my last blog post, lamenting the negative review of Ghostbusters, do yourself a favor and check that post again for an update. Basically, my high hopes have been vindicated beyond expectation. The one negative review I saw ended up being the exception rather than the rule. I am beyond excited to see this movie tonight (and tomorrow with my boys). Expect a ridiculously long post of my thoughts about this film tomorrow! In the meantime I will be bathing in the sweet, sweet man tears.


So cool and refreshing!

I know I haven’t done a ton of makeup posts and the reason is two-fold; I am not in the position to buy new makeup with any sort of frequency and also there is an avalanche of horror happenings that I need to talk about. But today I figured I’d share with you some of my rants and raves for some of the makeup I’ve been using. First the raves! So if you’ll look at the top of my blog where the title is, you’ll see a nude eye shadow palette. It’s the La Palette Nude 1 from Loreal.


 I got this thing back in November and it’s STILL to this day, my favorite eye shadow palette (not that I’ve used very many of the palettes on the market). There is at least one shade I will use every single day, usually the reddish brown as a transition shade and the vanilla shade to highlight my brow bone. Not all shades are created equally, of course, but the good far outweigh the weakly pigmented. This is a pretty affordable product for the amount of eye shadow in the pans (I believe it retails for around $15.99 which is substantially less than a high end palette).

I unfortunately have a rant as well. I posted on my Instagram last month that I had received some surprise makeup in one of my clothing subscription boxes (yes, that’s a thing and it’s glorious, and yes I realized I promised a review of these products weeks ago. DON’T JUDGE ME I AM BUSY). In total I received two lipsticks and two gel liners, all Rimmel products. The lipsticks were Moisture Renew lipsticks in the shades Coral Garden and Berry Rose; I really liked these lipsticks. As I’ve said before I have very dry lips and they usually don’t like any lip product, but these have a pretty decent formula. They are definitely moisturizing for a few minutes. The color lasts much longer than the texture, for sure. The rave in this story, however, is the gel liners. I got the Exaggerate Smoke N’ Shine gel liners in Blue Steel and a brown color that I didn’t bother to look at.


I don’t know if I am using these liners wrong, but I was extremely disappointed with this product. I tried it on my waterline, didn’t take whatsoever; tried to use it on the top of my lid, same problem. These just seem very waxy and not very pigmented. It’s a good thing I got these for free because I would be pissed if I had to pay $5 each. My Wet n’ Wild gel liner is 1000% more pigmented and cost 99 cents. I’ll pass on this product.

Onto some movie reviews I didn’t write/produce!

Eli Roth’s Clown, which I am pumped to see.

A new Netflix show staring Winona Rider that Michael and I will be binge watching immediately.

Not a review, but the eight installment Saw is a thing that’s happening? Go big or go home I guess. I want to do a whole post about my thoughts on the Saw franchise. Or maybe horror franchises in general.

Have a happy and safe weekend, friends!


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