The Time I Celebrated Harry Potter’s Birthday as a Super Glam Umbridge

Hey, it’s August! I love that the summer months are just flying by. I am not a fan of a gross weather and lack of Halloween.

Summer’s not all bad though, especially when a group of nerds get together to celebrate the birthday of a fictional character. That’s what happened this past weekend, although we were also there for the release of the  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child screenplay. My smaller group of nerds didn’t quite make it to midnight since large crowds aren’t our thing so we called it quits a couple of hours in but not before dominating the block party with our amazing cosplay.


We OWNED that block party. Photo by Ryan McKinney

My friend dressed up as Professor Trelawney and I went as Umbridge. Michael went as a framed photo of a cat, because Umbridge loves her some cat pictures. We had a blast!

Since this was my first cosplay, I wanted to nail it. However, I went rouge pretty quickly when I realized Delores Umbridge is not a huge fan of cake-face, as I am. I could have gone bare faced or worn minimal makeup to be more authentic, but that wouldn’t be true to who I am so I said f*!# it, we’re going full glam. I had also recently purchased a $3 palette from Wet n’ Wild and a pair of lashes from Revlon (the first makeup items I’ve purchased in well over a month. Yay for sticking to no-buys!)and was dying to play with these things.



As you can see, the palette swatches BEAUTIFULLY. Seriously, Wet n’ Wild has is bringing their A game. What makes this palette even more exciting is that I have no colors like this. I LOVE warm plum/mauve/purple shades but have never owned any with as good pigmentation. I found it so easy to create a glam look using these colors.


This picture is from the day before the party, but the look is the same. For my lids I used the rose gold shade marked ‘eyelid’ on the (stage) right side of the palette. I used the deep purple shade labeled ‘crease’ in the (stage) left side and the ‘crease’ shade in the (stage) right side for my crease and outer corner. I used the pinky vanilla shade at the top (stage) left side marked ‘brow bone’ and finished off with some black liner (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, of course) and the lashes (not pictured since I was on my way to work in this pic). I paired this eye look with my NYX Soft Crème Matte lip in a baby pink color. I can already say, this will be a go-to look for me. It’s not super over-the-top glam but just enough to make me happy when I need a little extra omphf. It was definitely the right look for my interpretation of a glam AF Professor Umbridge.


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