What’s in My Extremely Belated Ipsy Bag? Full Sized Products, That’s What!

bagHappy Tuesday, Friends!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend with lots of relaxing naps and Netflix binges. Michael and I have had a nice busy couple of days; we went to Dash Point state park for some camping on Friday night which was very enjoyable aside from the mountain of garbage that greeted us upon our arrival, the loud congregation of three combined camp sites (they had a beer keg and everything), and the horrible, awful heat. Luckily park rangers cleaned up our site pretty quickly and we were able to get past the other two disturbances. Saturday we went had a nice Thia dinner with a friend at our absolutely favorite restaurant (if you like garlic and sauce that tastes like happiness and joy, go here and order their garlic lovers dish and thank me later), then we headed to a local park to attend Outdoor Trek, a Shakespeare in the Park series of performances of various Star Trek episodes, with Michael’s brother and his girlfriend. After the show we went to a dessert shop called Hot Cakes, which has the atmosphere of a bar with overpriced desserts to match (their milkshakes were delicious, but not $8-$9 worth of delicious). Now my Sunday is a mix of baking, home improvement, homework, and playing dinosaur fight with my boys. 

So for some backstory: I’ve been having lots of problems with my mail recently. My ex-husband moved out a few months ago and the post office has had problems comprehending this and as a result lots of my packages have been marked “undeliverable,” with my ipsy bag being a casualty of this. Luckily I was able to work it out and my August bag came right on time (July bag is in the works, allegedly bigger and better than usually. We’ll see). 


ipsy goodies!

I was very happy to see not one, not two, but three full sized products this month: 

IT 12-in-one Amazing Leave in Treatment

I’ve only used this once, but I LOVED the smell. It has a wonderful clean smell that I love. I am going to try and use it as much as possible because lord knows my frizzy lion’s mane could use all the conditioning it can get. 

NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator in the shade gleam

This liquid illuminator has a nice creamy formula that lasts a crazy long time but unfortunately it is not even close to being an appropriate color for me. It’s way too dark to be used as an actual illuminator so I tried it as a bronzer and it reads very orange (which is fine if I am going for Umpa Lumpa glam, but that’s not a look I like wearing to the office). 

Josie Maron whipped mud mask

Haven’t tried this yet, but I am excited af since Josie Maron is a brand I am always hearing about on YouTube.

Dermelect nail polish (forgot to look at the shade color, but it’s a deep pink, really pretty)

See above. I love nail polish but I am often too lazy to take off my existing polish with remover like a civilized human being. 

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick in the shade berry 

This was probably the biggest disappointment; I love the color to death and the applicator was thin and amazing (an applicator with a huge doe foot isn’t great for avoiding messy lipstick). But guys. This formula. It transfers LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE and I can not stand transfer (99% of the reason if I am wearing something on my lips, it’s matte). It lasts a long time though but I can’t handle having a dark berry shade staining everything from my lunch to my toothbrush (yes, I brush my teeth at work sometimes, wanna fight about it?) 

All in all the best bag yet!


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