In Which I Watch Lots of Horror During October and Am Slain by Jordan Peele’s Get Out


Still from Get Out. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So much yes. Source 

It’s been a minute, you guys. 

I’ve had an absolutely ridiculous couple of weeks; I am approaching the last few weeks of my semester (I am a grad student, for you newbies) and in addition to my normal class load, I am also taking an extra seminar for my field placement coming up which equals double the work. I am still dealing with a heavy, heavy case load at work (50 high-needs clients) and an audit from the city (which pretty much guarantees I’ll be playing catch-up after it’s over for the next month). I’ve also volunteered to be my six-year old’s den leader for his cub scouts because I just have too much darn free time! I can’t complain too much though; Michael met my kids  for the first time recently and it went exactly how I hoped. I have a fun weekend planned for the 8th (Geek Girl Con!) and Michael and I are cosplaying as something from Doctor Who (I let Michael pick our cosplay and I am choosing our cosplay for next years Crypticon; Thomas and Edith Cushing, of course). And of course the best part of all, it’s officially Fall! October is upon us!

So with that being said, I know I haven’t been on the ball, blog wise. I haven’t talked about makeup for at least a month (insert crying emoji) and the reason for that is twofold: as I’ve said before, I am not in a place financially to buy new makeup as regularly as I was a year ago so writing about it can get stale real fast. Also I never, ever, EVER want makeup to feel like a chore  so I am not going to write about it until I truly have something to say about it ( and I will soon; I’ve been experimenting with false lashes and playing with ipsy bag samples exactly for this purpose). So for the time being, this blog will be 70-30 horror to makeup and that’s okay. 

Speaking of horror, we have entered my favorite time of the year, a time when horror is mainstream, and decorating one’s house with zombies is totes cool (my boys have requested some extra gory ones this year). I usually watch as much horror as possible all year round, but October is special. October is the time of year I anxiously await amazing mainstream and indie releases as well as horror events. I have a list of favorites I watch up until Halloween night and then I pick a new movie to watch on that night. 

This year, I want to do it a little different. As every horror fan knows, the ratio of good movies to garbage is unfortunately not in our favor (a quick look at the horror selection on Netflix will confirm this) but this October I want to dive in to all kinds of horror, garbage included. I will be doing a variation of the 31 days of horror challenge, the basic idea being I watch one movie for every night of October. There are different variations of this activity, usually the theme being watch as many horror movies between September 30th and November 1st. I’ve never participated before, and I am a little late to the game, but I’ve put together a list based on Scarecrow video’s psychotronic movie challenge, with very little deviation, starting from #6 (bookworm day).   

There are also a few horror related events coming this months that I am super pumped about; Shriek: A Women of Horror Discussion Class is commencing its weekly format starting October 16th entitled Shriek: Women Horror Directors Fest, showcasing horror films directed by women. This event has also moved venues to a brewery with couches, couches, guys. Truly, doesn’t get better than that. 

We’re also going to Rifttrax: Carnival of Souls on October 27th. If you’re not familiar with Rifttrax but loved Mystery Science Theater 3K, do yourself a favor and go to the movies October 27th to catch this. You won’t be disappointed. 

Lastly, I read that one half of my absolute favorite comedy duo, Jordan Peele, whose sorely missed sketch comedy show Key & Peele gave the world some of the most poignant, spot-on, hilarious social commentary known to man, has written and directed a horror film…..aaaaaannnnnnddddd cue high pitch screaming.


The perfect way to sum up my excitement. Also a friendly reminder to go watch K&P RIGHT NOW because it’s amazing.


The film is Get Out, about a young interracial couple who venture to the white partner’s family home where some weird af shit is going down. This film apparently offers some of the same razor-sharp commentary on race K&P offered but from a terrifying new angle. The trailer looks like pure, liquefied magic and I’ve already marked my calendar for February 24th. 



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