Advice From a Novice: How I Struggle to Apply False Lashes

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So today I am going to document my struggle with applying false eyelashes, or falsies. This is a struggle I’ve had since basically the beginning. I first tried falsies in high school, failed miserably, and as a result pretty much stayed away from there. However, anyone heavily into beauty knows that falsies are not only a makeup staple, but also they really do elevate a look (in my opinion). So after many (MANY) more failed attempts to master the false lash, I think I’ve got it down, in a very basic way. 

So here are the steps I’ve taken to apply false lashes. It doesn’t seem really hard, but hot damn it takes some serious skill. 

I use


KISS Lashes 

Lashes, of course. According to people more knowledgeable than me, you’re supposed to cut the lashes to better match your own eye shape, but I won’t be doing that because that’s where my laziness draws the line.

14708367_10102784191081158_3399604907195327252_nLash glue. It’s pretty much agreed upon in the beauty world that Duo is a respectable brand to use. This is the clear version, which goes on like white Elmers glue and is supposed to dry clear; I’ve found that it only dries clear with the tiniest of application and that it there’s even slightly more glue in one spot than necessary, you will have a clear, sticky ball on your hands (which is not clear at all). Duo also makes a black version, which I am dying to try as it’s more forgiving of application mistakes. 

14656381_10102784191061198_4223150316945906755_nI know, I know, it is NOT recommended to use tweezers to apply false lashes, especially of the pointy variety. This is kind of a “do as I say, not as I do” situation because I am limited in both time and money and buying specialized tool to apply lashes is not in the cards for me (although they do exist). If you do use tweezers like my dumb ass BE CAREFUL, PLEASE DON’T POKE YOUR EYE OUT. 

Ok so once you have all your supplies, the first step is to apply a thin layer of glue over the band of the lash like such:

14681799_10102784190906508_2534526746043470575_nThis is probably one of the hardest parts of applying falsies for me, honestly. Getting the exact right amount of glue in a perfect layer across the band is tedious at best, mostly because of the applicator on the lash glue (big and bulky). 

Ok so you’ve got your glue on, now you’re going to wait for 30 seconds to a minute for the glue to get tacky. Put it on before then and you’re dealing with a gooey mess on your eyelids and lashes that won’t stay put (why yes, I did learn the hard way! Thanks for asking!) It also helps to bend the lashes a bit to get them in the right shape. 

The you’re going to take your tweezers and


Ignore my bra straps and weird facial expression and just focus on the lash

Avoid poking your eye. This is a step that, while watching veteran beauty vloggers, looks SO EASY. Seriously, it looks like you just pop the lash on your natural lash line and POOF instant beat face! Well that’s not the case. For me, a lash beginner, it is still so hard to line up the band with my natural lash line and actually get it to stay in place. Maybe it’s the shape of my eye, but I think mostly I only vaguely know what I am doing. In any case, practice truly does make less inept and now I get can some okay results:



I am sure I’ll go from mediocre to efficient! hashtaglifegoals  


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