Some Changes, 2017 Edition

Oh look, it’s 2017.

What a year, huh? I can say that this year was easily the most life changing for me personally; astonishingly high amounts of change, personal growth, and accomplishment (yes, I am owing tf out of the things I worked hard for, even though women in this country are taught to be modest and humble. #sorrynotsorry). I’ve also never been more personally invested in my country’s political outcomes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always supported inclusive and progressive politicians, policies, donated money to the causes and sighed the petitions. But this year I got mad. Really mad. My political activism has gone far beyond donating money; I’ve gone to protests, called Representatives, I even took a job that more closely aligns with the changes I want to see in my country. I’ve never felt more personally invested in politics.


How I feel about 2016’s bullshit 

Having said that, I’ve been thinking long and hard about the direction I want to take this blog. I started it at first to talk about my hobbies but somewhere along the way I noticed how much of a boy’s club the horror community could be. I’d post to several horror blogs and Facebook groups I belong to with some of my thoughts about a particular movie, hoping to address problematic elements with like-minded horror lovers. What I got back was a bunch of dudes who didn’t care to have these conversations or even entertain the idea that some of their favorite movies might have a touch of misogyny (never mind ableism, transphobia, or racism) to them. This is a problem for me, because my feminism can’t be turned off anymore, not even for my favorite genre and I have no desire to be part of a boy’s club.

So I am changing this blog slightly; I am going to focus on horror through a intersectional feminist lens, exclusively. I am changing the name of this blog to reflect that because it makes sense. The url is the same because I don’t have the gumption or energy at the moment to change it.  I still love makeup as a hobby but I just can’t force myself to write about it anymore. There are other things I really want to focus on at the moment.

I am going to try to update more frequently, which should be easier now that I have more to say! I still really want to finish my Black Mirror recaps (which I had to stop because they became too real after the election) and Michael and I saw The Eyes of my Mother” on New Years Eve and this is a film I MUST talk about.

I hope everyone has an amazing year! Let’s talk about intersectional feminism in horror, shall we?


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