I’ve been enthralled with horror since I wandered into my babysitter’s living room at the age of four and saw Child’s Play. I will watch any movie regardless of sub-genre and I am firmly in the pro remake/re-boot camp (more horror in the world!) no matter how disappointing it turns out to be (I am looking at you, Black Christmas remake…) I don’t have one favorite movie, per say, but if you held a gun to my head I would say my top three are Audition, the Evil Dead remake, and It Follows. 

I don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject but horror has a very serious Dude-Bro problem, both on screen and with fans.  I’d love to discuss this issue while holding up my favorite feminist, intersectional films. 

The name of this blog, formerly called Paint Plus Popcorn, refers to the Bechdel-Wallace test used to measure female representation in films. 

I may mention my kids, grad school, or my boyfriend fiance from time to time.